How To Master Your High


How to Master your High       By: Tebogo Sennelo

Well I don’t believe in the conventional sense of “mastering your high”, that after some period of time of smoking you gain the ability to dictate your high, that’s never really been part of my experience maybe a little bit back when I began smoking but as I gained understanding of the glorious nature of marijuana I learnt that its a lot more pleasurable, for filing and insightful to be guided by rather to control your high.

ImageWith all that in mind the ‘secret’ to elevate your high, enjoy more profound levels of consciousness and plunge into deeper levels of insight using marijuana as a tool is understanding the nature of this tool. You’ve got to master your own mind set (your perspective or the state in which you come from to experience life) even with out weed,  it’s a never ending process (maybe when you die if you don’t at all your sleep walking though life might as well be died) because that’s is where your experience of being high comes from and weed is a great tool to understand your mind set dividing it into it’s components and analysing each one to see who you are and if that is coherent with who you want be in life. Marijuana can not be put in a box or fully defined in bullet form because people are such vast beings marijuana has an inconceivably vast ocean of tools to help you with whatever it is you are up too in life.

I often experience being high as a more direct link to my subconscious, so when you are high marijuana can bring to light the reason you hold some of  the values you hold in life for example, you may have a girl/boyfriend that you love oh so dearly and  once when you are high you may think of this love you share with your better half and how it came be, think of the reasons the relationship  began and why it continues  in your state of being high you may think of your life without/before him/her (there are things you may have never thought of on your own) you may realize that you hated you life or at least you felt unbearably lonely when you were single, you would realize that you have allowed your happiness to be defined by your better half you should come to the conclusion that  you need to redefine the relationship and regain your life, be the source of your own happiness. When you do this you would have dodged a deadly bullet from a possible break up and not became another suicide statistic. (This is just one practical simple example you can think of millions more)

Marijuana is a magical it can do anything for you, once you understand how it works (your pocket size psychologist). Another wondrous element of weed is that what ever you experience with it is sourced from you, from your own subconscious because that’s all it has to work with so naturally the more you mature the more your experience of being high matures as well. But above all don’t forget to enjoy your damn self chill with friends go crazy laugh at stupid stuff; everything is better when you’re high so you might as well enjoy everything.